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  • Computer (simulations and birdstrike testing)
  • Scratch-proof coatings
  • Anti-UV coating
  • Multilayer heatable windshields
  • Carbon fibre transparency frames
  • Integrate detonation cord systems


At the time the L-39 trainer was the official training aircraft for the Eastern Block. It was built in large numbers by Aero­vo­do­chody in the former Czechoslovakia and originally featured a windshield made in the country. Many L-39s continue to be in use worldwide.


This reliable and beautiful aircraft is flown by the Breitling display team based in Dijon for demonstrations around the world.

During a training flight the aircraft flown by the team com­mander suffered a collision with a bird of prey whereby it penetrated the windshield and hit the pilot in the face.

Following this incident MECAPLEX was contacted to de­ve­lop and produce a stronger windshield.


  • To develop a stronger windshield able to withstand a hit with a 2 lb bird at a relative speed of 378 kts.
  • To preserve as much as possible the original frame structure in the redesign process in order to prevent the need for recertification


  • LS-DYNA analysis to define the new material thick¬≠ness and configuration as well as design
  • To test the new design‚Äôs impact on the existing frame structure in terms of load and deformation in the event of bird strike
  • The new design was approved by the aircraft manu¬≠facturer and released for production.

As shown in the picture, the new MECAPLEX wind­shields have proven their effectiveness in practical use. Once again, an aircraft of the Breitling team suffered a col­lision with a big bird. This time, however, the wind­shield received no more than some scratches and the pilot suffered no injuries.


The new windshields are available from MECAPLEX with effective support for assembly and installation.

LITESHIELD cockpit glazing

MECAPLEX applied a lot of innovative spirit when developing a totally new cockpit glazing concept, complying to the high demands of the new generation of business jets.

In close cooperation with Pilatus, MECAPLEX has developed totally new cockpit glazing with considerable improvement to functionality and appearance, the design of which fully complies with the high demands of the aircraft manufacturer.

For Liteshield cockpit glazing, we applied a special composite of processed mineral glass and acrylic glass, which unifies all the advantages and abilities of both mineral and acrylic glass. This glazing is lighter than conventional panes but still extremely scratch resistant, shock resistant, low-maintenance and easy to care for, as well as being 3D formable.


Long-term stress test

During a long-term stress test, the physical stresses of flight are simulated during a total of 1,460 hours (120,000 pressure cycles and 12,000 heating cycles, which corresponds to the four-fold lifecycle of the glazing). These high requirements are demanded by the aircraft manufacturer, as the end product must feature a guaranteed lifetime of at least 30,000 flight hours.